A Wish for Death: Rash Actions Produce Enemies

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Posthumous Leonatus of William Shakespeare 's Cymbeline becomes one in his regret over having had Imogen killed. He first strips himself of his armor and fights against the heavily-armed Roman soldiers. He successfully fends them off and rescues the king. He then dresses up as a Roman soldier and tries to get killed in battle, but is instead captured. He's scheduled for hanging, but the King spares him. Poor guy just can't catch a break The Mrs Hawking play series: The Colonel, in later life, with his pursuit of dangerous military missions and increasing drinking habit, is implied to have become this.

In The Lady's Not for Burning , Thomas is an ex-soldier who has given up on life after seeing much of the world's ugly side.

He confesses to a murder he didn't commit as a way of making his death useful by saving the innocent woman on whom the authorities are trying to pin the crime. It's a comedy, so he and the woman both survive, and fall in love, which gives him a reason to go on living — although he insists he isn't happy about it. Visual Novels. Tsugumi of Ever17 leaps into a dangerous situation to save the hero's life, not because she cares about his wellbeing, but because she's hoping it will kill her. Unfortunately for her, her Healing Factor makes her more or less immortal. Contrary to what the ending of Grisaia no Meikyuu would have you believe, in Grisaia no Rakuen Yuuji has basically given up on life and is actually looking forward to dying, feeling that he has no reason to go on at this point.

After a meeting with Kazuki and Dead Person Conversation with Asako, he decides to hold off on blindly awaiting death for the moment, though he's still a prisoner. He gets better during the events of the Unlimited Blade Works route. As such, death is the only thing that can release them. Dies Irae : Mercurius was born as a god, and since the god can't experience the unknown, he wants to die, but he can't kill himself.

All events of the novel are actually his plan to die. Since he became a death row inmate, he thinks his life is worth less than anyone else's, and after Monokuma announces that everyone will be executed if murder isn't committed in 48 hours, he volunteers to be the first victim and is disappointed when he isn't. He tries to find a reason to live, but in Chapter 2, he learns that nobody from the outside world misses him, causing him to lose his will to live and therefore allow himself to be murdered by Kirumi.


Grisaia no Rakuen : Protagonist Yuuji becomes this, after being haunted by his past for too long, especially since his promise to his master, that he is not allowed to die until he is saved five people, been fulfilled. Web Animation. He can never seem to kill himself , no matter how hard he tries. The muffin in asdfmovie 7 and 8. And he looks so happy about it!

RWBY : Jaune is implied to have developed a complex by Volume 4 out of what he perceives to be his failure to protect Pyrrha. In the ambush at Haven Academy, when he's fighting Cinder, he outright says he doesn't care if he dies if it means giving his friends a chance. It's not that Jaune actively wants to die, but that he clearly doesn't value his life very much. When Cinder mocks this Declaration of Protection by skewering Weiss in front of him, the trauma is enough to unlock his Semblance which is functionally Healing Hands and this seems to have pulled him out of this.

Hank J.

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Wimbleton of Madness Combat is suggested to be like this, in that he once tries to reject an attempt to revive him. Lexx is suicidal in Alien Dice , but can't commit suicide because of the nanites in his blood, keeping him alive. He's too scared to try more extreme methods of suicide, so instead hopes he'll be killed in a battle. This changes later in the series, when Lexx decides to live and spend the rest of his life with his family and Chel.

El Goonish Shive : Ellen shortly after her creation: Nanase: How can you be afraid of them after leaping into and subsequently destroying a slime monster? Ellen: That was win-win. Either the goo would be destroyed or I would die a noble death. Web Original. The Onion characterizes the entire zebra species having evolved to be eaten in its piece " Zebras: Nature's Ultimate Prey - Horrifying Planet ".

A Wish for Death: Rash Actions Produce Enemies

Jamal Kaye in Ghosts In Quicksilver. Web Videos.

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It's been implied that The Nostalgia Critic is this. Leaving the room that the bad movie is in vs. Film Brain: Critic, if you go in there, you may never return. Critic: Return was never an option.

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Western Animation. He set himself up behind an elaborate death course to weed out anyone who had no chance of ever defeating him, and waited for someone to bring him death.

As in the Colbey example, he had to fight all-out to get the afterlife he desired Jack himself is hinted to be towing this line as of Season 5. Having spent 50 years without aging or getting any closer to finding a way home has completely worn him down, and the second episode reveals that he's apparently contemplated seppuku at least once. Macbeth yes, that Macbeth of Gargoyles , with a couple of twists: due to a Deal with the Devil sort of , he and fellow antagonist Demona have been granted immortality and eternal youth until one kills the other, but once that happens, both will die.

Since Macbeth is tired of life , and Demona wishes to continue living, they often come into conflict with each other, forcing the usually-homicidal Demona into an awkward fighting position. He gets over it in "City of Stone", when the Weird Sisters' Armor-Piercing Question makes him realize that death has never solved any of his problems. Macbeth still doesn't know what he wants out of life, but he knows death isn't the answer.

In the Young Justice episode "Salvage", there's an alien golem created from the husks of four aliens that is forced to commit criminal acts. When it breaks free of its mind control, it tries to demolish a nuclear plant. Blue Beetle tries to communicate with it and the golem explains that it feels like it's an abomination and wishes to end the pain by death; thinking that a nuclear explosion will be enough to end its life. Superboy's response to its death plea is "I can relate". It's ambiguous as to whether he's referring to a past death wish or feeling like an abomination, but neither has been confirmed.

The golem finally gets its death wish when an unseen enemy destroys it before Blue Beetle tries to talk it out of death. Dinobot in Beast Wars , as confirmed by Word of God. Wish granted. While they weren't exactly looking to die , in the Popeye short "Hospitaliky", Popeye and Bluto compete with one another to get injured and have Olive Oyl nurse them to health, who in this short works at a hospital. Any one of the stunts they try to pull could easily have killed them, such as purposely crashing a motorcycle, laying down in the middle of a busy intersection, and laying down on train tracks, however, they keep miraculously surviving unscathed, to their own annoyance.

A later short played on the same gag, this time with Olive seeking someone suitably beaten up as a model for a sculpture. So the two start trying to get themselves beat up. Eventually, Popeye makes Bluto eat his Spinach, making him go into an involuntary fit of beating up Popeye; Bluto wins the fight but loses the chance to pose for Olive. Grandpa : I loved that dog.

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Due to their armour colouration, they are commonly referred to colloquially as "Tans" or "Browns" by the playerbase. They are notable for being far more aggressive and harder to kill than any other non-special Police Unit; they will often ignore moving to cover and push aggressively towards the players. Their heavy armour can catch unaware players by surprise.

These units will only spawn on Very Hard and above mixed with the significantly less durable HRU units , or spawn in pre-scripted circumstances that will come with a verbal warning from Bain. A notable instance of the latter would be the last day of Rats - there is almost always one Maximum Force Responder near the head of the convoy regardless of difficulty.

Due to their tactic of pushing forward quickly and the relative difficulty of suppressing them, it is advised to move around the stage if possible to avoid too many of them crowding into a small area. It is a good idea to treat Maximum Force Responders as lesser Bulldozers, and as such the most effective strategy is to aim for their heads with a powerful single shot weapon, such as a M , Bronco. It may take several headshots, but the increased power and accuracy of single-shot weapons means that less ammo will be used than if a fully automatic weapon was used.

It is recommended to use a scope to assist in scoring headshots, because unlike lesser units that will still receive damage from chest hits, shots against a Maximum Force Responder's torso are completely wasted. Shotguns are also highly effective against them at close range, as shots to the head with even one pellet will cause full headshot damage to them. A Mastermind with the Joker skill can persuade a Maximum Force Responder officer to fight against his allies. It is recommended to hit him with a melee attack or suppress him with concentrated fire before attempting to dominate him to avoid repeatedly taking return fire from him during failed conversion attempts.

Another method is to shoot his legs, as he will likely survive the attacks. If he is successfully converted, he becomes a powerful ally, as the majority of gunfire from his former allies will hit his bulletproof torso instead of his vulnerable head, though enough stray shots will still eventually kill him.

Don't feel bad if you die in the first room

He makes a good "meat shield" for this reason. It is also good to note that, while the Maximum Force Responder unit is considered to be the toughest non-special unit in the game, he deals less damage than the HRU. It is advised to kill the MFR first as they try to deploy gas sooner than the HRUs do, as well as having more health and protection.

This model can be seen in use on Mayhem and Death Wish difficulties, the original still appearing on Very Hard, Overkill and various scripted spawns. Sniper Rifles and shotguns equipped with Flechette shells or AP Slugs are capable of piercing the Maximum Force Responder's body armor and thus damaging and killing him with body shots.