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It was pretty lightweight but, like the rest of the games here, it tapped into the nightclub cool that Sony had bought into with Wipeout.

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If one creature can be credited for the popularity of mashing buttons in time to on-screen prompts, it was a pooch called Parappa the Rapper , whose debut really did change the game. Followed up by its guitar-based pseudo-sequel Um Jammer Lammy in , and a rehashed PS2 sequel in , this is where rhythm gaming really began to take off. In the meantime, plenty of new rhythm games were flooding arcades and homes, including some particularly creative offshoots. A perfectly fitting hybrid between a fighting game and a rhythm game, Bust A Groove or Bust A Move in Japan switched the formula up by pitting players head-to-head in a beat-matching contest that saw a cast of genre stereotypes throw attacks at each other to an eclectic soundtrack.

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Interestingly, it actually saw an arcade release after its home console release, showing just how influential home console music games had become. Rather than tapping buttons, it puts your legs to work instead as you stomp away to the beat, trying to look as coordinated as you possibly can as you keep up with the mad pace.

Being a pretty simple concept at their core, rhythm games could have easily become a fad, but instead they would thrive on the next generation of consoles. It was in , however, when a new superpower of music games would emerge: Harmonix. Having started out years earlier making experimental instrument controllers and software, it was their first major title, Frequency , and its sequel Amplitude , that saw them begin down the path that would change music gaming for good. The games split each song up into distinct tracks for each instrument and allowed players to switch between them all, remixing them based on which path they took through the song — and being able to play along with big artists like Paul Oakenfold and Garbage gave us the first hint of the formula that the studio would soon perfect with Guitar Hero and Rock Band.

Amplitude would soon evolve into the world-conquering Guitar Hero. The s also gave us one of the most stylish games ever to exist: Rez.

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Both it and the now-Westernised Rhythm Heaven series made perfect use of the touchscreen on the DS, concocting a formula that would work wonders in smartphone games too, with touch-based games like Tap Tap Revenge becoming big hits toward the end of the decade, and still making for popular time-wasters today. Of course, we all know when music games hit their peak of popularity and commercial success — when everyone became a rock superstar in their own homes.

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Arcade rhythm games would maintain a hardcore following, but the declining popularity of arcades and the dominance of home consoles eventually demanded that the arcade pleasures of plastic instruments make their way to our own TVs, and it was Harmonix who made it happen, working with peripheral-maker RedOctane and gaming giant Activision to release what would become the single biggest game the genre had ever seen.

When Guitar Hero first hit in , it turned not just music gaming but gaming in general on its head. Sure, it owed plenty to the groundwork laid in arcades by GuitarFreaks , but its miniature Gibson SG controller and hit-laden tracklist even if many were cover versions gave it the worldwide appeal it needed. Everyone was rocking out in their living rooms, and the game was racking up universal acclaim in the gaming press too, while an improved track list helped its sequel Guitar Hero II became an even bigger hit. As described above, our third party partners may use persistent identifiers to track your Internet usage across other websites, online services, email and mobile applications in their networks beyond the Services, and may combine information about you from other sources.

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Of this small amount, a few are indie, a few are free-to-play MMO dancing games, and even fewer are well known, commercial titles. Many of the music and rhythm games available on Steam can fit within two categories. There are other avenues for PC rhythm gaming aside from Steam, but many marketplaces typically have a lighter selection. So what games are there?

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On the indie front, there are some great hybrid games like Crypt of the Necrodancer which has a track in Amplitude combines the beat matching elements of rhythm games and the increasingly popular rogue-like genre. Of course, some of the most interesting games are those made in game jams or as student projects in universities. One game jam title worth mentioning is one produced during the Magical Girl Game Jam. Students at DigiPen also put together a unique rhythm game in Synaesthete.

The game combines note highways with shooting action. So, why is the commercial rhythm game scene on PC so untapped, at least in the west? Save for a couple exceptions, very few big name IPs have been able to make a big splash on PC. There are a few possible reasons for this.