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Arsenic, Carbo Veg. Album , Cal. Relations of the Remedies in the symptoms given:. Similar to Lycopod. Arum Tri. Child Sad: Hepar, Lycop. Tricolor, Psorin, Graph. Excitable, Anxious : Phos. Child Irritable : Sepia, Mercur. Child Precocious : Calc.

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Hydrocepheloid : Sulph. Fontanelles Remain Open : Mercur, Puls. Styes : Sulph. Ophthalmia Scrofulosa : Sulph. Scrofulous Catarrh : Sulph. Eruption like Milk Crust : Calc. Tonsils Enlarged: Baryta Carb. Goitre : lodium, Spongia, Calc. Appetite or Hunger: Nat.

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Thirst : Carbo V. Vomiting : Silicea, Arsenic, Phosph. Eating, cries as soon as he Eats : Arsenic, Calcarea Phos. Fruit provokes Diarrhea : Arsenic, Lith. Milk Disagrees : Arsenic, Kali C. Worse from Fresh Meat : Causticum. Worse from Smoked Meat : Calc. Better from Ham, Bacon, etc. Worse from Eating Potatoes : Alumina, Sepia. Worse from Cold Water : Arsen. Worse from Sweets : Argent. Abdomen Swollen : Sulph.

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Remedies known to have enlarged Mesenteric Glands : Sulphur, Calc. Enlarged Liver : Sulph. Watery : CALC. Menses during:Sep. Centre accompanied by whitish discoloration of the tongue see Discoloration white accom.

Tip accom. By liver hardness see abdomen hardness liver. Black tongue:Lyc. Bleeding tongue:LAch. Influenza accom. Tongue deep direction in all,accom. By ulcer in the centre:Fl. By tongue pale:raph. Typhoid fever after:merc. Upper part:merc. By hard tongue sides:Clem.

Nursing women:Lach. Palate sensation of:phos. Accompanied by saliva frothy:Cocc. Chewing food agg. Chill during:Mur.

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Coryza during:Alum. Dinner before:Kali. Entering the house amel. Fear during:Zinc. Forepart Rising on:Hydrog. Saliva amel. Lips lower lip inner side:Asar. Tongue, accompanied by. Purple discoloration of tongue:Kali. Suddenly flies open Tension in ant. Throat from:Sil. Chin trembling of:Nux v.

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Delivery after:Crot. Long time if protruded for a:Ph. Papillae: Generalised atrophy of papillae produce smooth or bald tongue Vit- B 12 deficiency Iron defi. Congenital fissuring:Pappillae are normal, but the surface is interrupted by numerous irregular , but more or less symmetrical folds which tend to run horizontally Srotal Tongue This is of no pathological significance Chronic superficial glossitis: Due to syphilis there with be fissuring of tongue.

Here areas of leucoplakia are separated by intervening smooth and scarred areas. No normal papillae to be seen and fissures run mainly in a longitudinal direction Median rhomboid glossitis:A lozenge shaped area of loss of papillae and fissuring is seen in the midline anterior to the foramen caecum.

Later the white coat disappears leaving enlarged papillae on bright red surface. Usually in scarlet fever Geographical tongue:Localized irregular red area of desquamated epithelium and filiform papillae surrounded by whitish yellow border. Due to sequestration of epidermal tissue. Beneath the skin along the embryological lines of fusion of the mouth. The patient should be counseled to give up identified irritant, then early lesion may disappear after some months, but will return promptly if the old habits are resumed.

Hairy tongue:Keratinized layer fails to desquamate normally from the filiform papillae becomes greatly elongated to resemble a coating of hair. The hair may take on various colours due to the presence of chromogenic organism to produce brown or black hairy tongue. Certain factors which reduce harm are; 1 Regular desqammation and replacement of surface cells 2 Constant washing of the oral cavity by saliva sothat organisms are swallowed and destroyed in the stomach 3 The mild antibacterial activity of saliva 4 The health and integrity of the lining epithelium.

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Particular types of stomatitis: Aphthous stomatitis: The term applies to 3 specific entities. Denotations: Astringent-causing contraction of tissue Blotches- pigmented or erythematous lesion Cancrum-gangrenous ulcerativeinflammatory lesion Cancrum oris Noma :Gangrenous stomatitis:in poorly nourished children Debilitated adults Lower socio economic groups Precede by another disease eg. All natural diseases are originally functional and then proceed toward pathological damage over time. He also taught that there was no such thing as a single cause in a natural disease. He taught that causation was of an interdependent origin rather than any one isolated factor.

There is always the merging of the susceptibility of an individual or group with a sympathetic pathogenic influence. Therefore, the aetiological constellation includes the predispositions of the physical constitution and mental temperament, the nature of the disease state, as well as environment conditioning factors. Hippocras classified constitution into 2 types, short and thick — is prone to apoplectic conditions and Long and thin — is prone to tubercular affection. The concept of constitution is widely applied in the practice of traditional Chinese medicine TCM.

Constitutional consideration is an important process for clinical diagnosis and treatment, and it also lays the foundation for health promotion and disease prevention. This concept has been in China for thousands of years. The body constitution concept states that every individual has his or her unique body, which reacts in a specific way to environmental influences.