Sowing Seeds of Shalom in the Neighborhood: ISUM Briefing Paper #1

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As reported by Ruth Ellen Gerber.

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Navy Seals a compound in the Pakistani city of Abbottabad. The remains in the Turkish city of Izmir were found more than 20 feet below the ground, during construction work on an underground tunnel, the Hurriyet Daily News reported today. Among its other accomplishments, the council took further steps in the on-going, ever more vicious, suppression of the Jews by the Christian Visigoth. At the time of his death, Boris was actually a monk having abdicated his throne in During his reign, Bulgaria continued to provide a refuge for Jews fleeing from Byzantine persecution.

According to some reports, there was an attempt to convert the pagan Bulgars to Judaism. True or not, Christianity would become the state religion. The Jews in return pledged to pay four pounds of silver every year on Palm Sunday.

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The Jews had paid a disproportionate share of that ransom. The 5, marks the Jews were compelled to pay was triple that paid by the citizens of London. There is no record of any Jews having lived in Portsmouth during the Middle Ages, though there were a scattered few in nearby Bosham, Chichester and Southampton, and an important community in Winchester. Fawcett Road cemetery was still in use until it became full in the early s.

The last of the Tosophists, he was the leading Rabbi in Germany. Convinced that there was no future in Germany, he agreed to lead a large contingent of families to Eretz-Israel. While waiting for the other families, he was seized by the Bishop of Basel. The Emperor ordered him held in prison as a lesson to any of "his Jews" who would try to leave Germany and thus cause him a financial loss.

He refused to be ransomed, saying that it would serve as an impetus for further extortion's. He died in a prison near Colmar, and his body was held there until it was ransomed some years later. Regardless of how history views this German princess who replaced her husband on the throne of Russia, she was responsible for Russia acquiring most of its Jewish population.

Under her reign, Russia acquired much of Poland and its large Jewish population. Her record of treatment of the Jews, is mixed to negative. As a follower of Voltaire, she could not help but be swayed by his low opinions of the Jews.

#1. Sowing Seeds of Shalom in the Neighbourhood

Her policies led to the creation of what would be called the Pale of Settlement. A year later the solidarische Haftung collective responsibility and liability of the Jewish community for non-payment of taxes and crimes of theft was abolished. Joel Hart married Louisa Levien. He served three terms over the years through Merrill opposed Jewish settlement in Palestine, writing, "Palestine is not ready for the Jews.

The Jews are not ready for Palestine. Argentina had already shown itself to be a hospitable place for Jewish settlement when it abolished the Inquisition in which contributed to an influx of Jewish immigrants from Western Europe and North Africa. And the references were invariably used as a slur. Born in Hungary, Herzl's family moved to Vienna. He was raised in an "enlightened Jewish home" and trained as a lawyer.

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Herzl pursued a career as a journalist and writer. Although he had encountered anti-Semitism, his views on the role of the Jews changed radically when he covered the Dreyfus Trial in If anti-Semitism could thrive in enlightened France, then the Jews were not safe any place except in a nation of their own. The six congresses that he chaired set much of the tone and program for the modern Zionist movement. Herzl died in at the age of In , his body was taken to Mt. Herzl in Jerusalem for its final resting place.

Herzl is the embodiment of Hillel's most famous wisdom statements and proof that one person can make a difference.

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Although at the time no one could have imagined it, Zionism led, only fifty years later, to the establishment of the independent State of Israel. Army without having to fight against family and friends living in the South. This was the first building erected in Jackson designed to serve as a house of worship for the Jews living in around the city that was the capital of the state of Mississippi.

Maurer had been found guilty and sentenced to death but the conviction was overturned because the accused had not been present when the Judge responded to a request from the jury for clarity on a point of law.

ISUM Briefing Papers

Maurer had been found guilty in the first trial, but the verdict was overturned on a technicality. Among those who would benefit from some sea-side recreation are youngsters under the care of the Hebrew Benevolent Society and Free School Association.

If these two groups cannot raise sufficient funds, then the paper will organize a Messenger Excursion Fund. Peixotto met with President Rutherford B. Hayes to discuss the persecution of the Jews of Romania. The President expressed his sympathy and concern over the treatment of the Jews. He referred the group to Secretary of State William Evarts whom he requested to take such as this dire situation may require. Peixotto met with U. Secretary of State William Evarts to discuss steps that could be taken to relieve the suffering of the Jews of Romania.

Petersburg asking them to act in conjunction with the representatives of those powers in endeavoring to repress further atrocities. The Great Powers thought they had resolved the matter at the Congress of Berlin, but Romanian anti-Semitism would trump their efforts.

The best hope for Romanian Jews would be found in leaving for the United States where they became part of the mass of immigrants who flooded this country in the years leading up to World War I. This would not be the first or last time that a U. Most of us do not recognize the name of Benjamin Peixotto. In his day, he was one of the most influential Jews in the United States. He was a successful lawyer and journalist who was active in the affairs of the Republican Party and the Jewish community. Sic Transit Gloria. In he succeeded to his father's honors, which included a barony of Portugal.

He entered Parliament in as member for Reading, through a by-election, and represented that constituency in the Liberal interest until his death. While still a young man he actively cooperated with his father to secure to the Jews full emancipation from civil and political disabilities. He was associated with various Jewish religious and charitable organizations. He was connected with the Reform movement from its commencement, and was elected president of the Council of Founders of the West London Synagogue. He was vice-president of the Anglo-Jewish Association from its establishment in , and was president of the Rumanian Committee which originated in the association.

His greatest services to his race were, however, in the direction of improving the social condition of the Jews in those countries in which they were oppressed. The condition of the Poles in moved him to organize meetings for the purpose of securing some alleviation of their sufferings, and he also forcibly protested on several occasions in Parliament against the oppression of the Jews, notably that in Servia and Rumania. Goldsmid was deputy lieutenant for Berks and a justice of the peace for Berks and Gloucester.

Having no children, the baronetcy devolved upon his nephew, Julian Goldsmid. As reported by the Jewish Encyclopedia. The marchers wore red and blue caps that had been made by striking capmakers. This would keep the building in use for all 12 months which is a departure of normal business model. Soldiers fired on the mob which refused to disperse and threatened to burn down all of the homes and businesses of the Jews.

This stands in stark contrast to what happened during WW II.

Is Seed Sowing About Money?

Mayor Loukas Career and Bishop Chrysostomos refused to give the Nazis the names of the Jews living there and instead hid them. All of the Jews survived the Holocaust. He was the father of famed playwright Arthur Schnitzler and Julius Schnitzler. In he earned his medical doctorate at the University of Vienna, where from to he worked as an assistant to Johann von Oppolzer In he was appointed associate professor of laryngology at the University of Vienna, and later became director of its policlinic.

Schnitzler was a pioneer of modern laryngology, and author of numerous works on diseases of the throat and larynx. His best known written work was Klinischer Atlas der Laryngologie Clinical Atlas of Laryngology , which was published posthumously in In with Philipp Markbreiter , he founded the Wiener Medizinische Presse, a publication of which he remained as editor until Schnitzler is credited with coining the term "spastic dysphonia" for a vocal disorder known today as spasmodic dysphonia.

Forty anti-Semites attacked five Jewish officers who fired their revolvers in self-defense, wounding 12 of their attackers. He is the Hart in the team of Rogers and Hart. Henry M. Sanders and Professor Albert S. Members of the British government are expecting a windfall to the Exchequer from the death duties that will have to be paid. They are projected to exceed the amount collected from the estate of another prominent Jew, Sir Julian Goldsmid.

On the other hand, the Prince of Wales is quite concerned over how he shall back the considerable sums that he had borrowed from the Baron. Solomon Schechter, the President of the Jewish Theological Institute arrived on the Berlin tonight marking his return from an 11 month long vacations. It was not just a personal commitment. His editorial policies stated that the organization was to promote "the reconciliation of Jews and Germans and support for the vital rights of the State of Israel.

He was the grandfather of Mike Nichols the famous American writer, director and producer.