SSAT Strategy: Winning Multiple Choice Strategies for the Secondary School Admissions Test

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Each time he took a practice test, his score was better.

The SSAT contains verbal, math, reading comprehension and an unscored writing sample - SSAT

By the time he sat for his official SAT, the teen knew what to expect. Yes, and this is the first hurdle for many teens and parents: to understand that most kids can improve their scores if they practice enough and in the right way. It all boils down to familiarity and practice. She also suggests a simple approach for honing in on your biggest weaknesses and learning from your mistakes. If you make a mistake a second time, then spend time reading the explanation of the correct answer in the back of the book.

Most kids find this a very stressful time. Green warns that parents can easily make things worse. Parents do, however, have an important role. The point is to motivate your child , he says, not teach them trigonometry. Choosing the wrong college can be bad for mental health. How students can benefit from randomly assigned college roommates. A parent's guide to saving for college at every stage.

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Sorry for the inconvenience. This is the best way to make sure you truly understand how to solve questions you initially messed up on the Math section. The process will stick in your mind much better if you go through it, rather than if you just read about it. Look at what the correct answer choice should be and try to get there yourself before you read the explanation. You should use this tip on the math section if you've been missing questions by accidentally solving for the wrong value.

Sometimes math questions ask you to solve for a value that necessitates solving for something else along the way.

That something else will often be one of the incorrect answer choices though this sort of tricky incorrect answer choice is less likely to show up on the new SAT. Many students accidentally pick the trick answer choice because they lose track of the value that they were originally supposed to find. You can avoid this by underlining relevant parts of the question to maintain your focus.

It's best to have all the formulas memorized beforehand. You can use a calculator for half of the Math section, but if you don't know the formulas, it's not going to be much help. Be sure to verify it again before you commit. It will inevitably be the correct answer a few times, so don't get too caught up in second-guessing yourself.

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Unlike grammar questions, which only require reading through a couple of sentences at most to answer correctly, rhetoric questions challenge you to examine entire paragraphs or the passage as a whole to find the right answer. Examples of rhetoric questions are questions about sentence function, the logical sequences of sentences, and the author's style and tone. The SAT mostly sticks to asking Writing questions chronologically, so you'll likely find yourself answering several grammar questions about specific sentences, followed by a couple of rhetoric questions that relate to the paragraph as a whole.

Don't be lulled into complacency and think you can answer rhetoric questions just by reading through the specific sentence the question asks about and using vague memories of the content of the other sentences you just answered grammar questions on. Instead, skim through the paragraph as a whole and then attempt the rhetoric question.

One of the skills SAT Writing tests is conciseness, or the use of as few words as necessary to convey meaning clearly. Being able to answer concision questions correctly requires knowing not just what the grammatically correct choice is, but which is the best grammatically correct choice.

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This might be daunting, especially if you're not a native English speaker, so we recommend following this tip: if both answers are grammatically correct, choose the most concise one. Here's an example of a real SAT question with multiple grammatically correct answer choices:. Answer choices A , B , and C are all grammatically correct replacements for "famous" in the question sentence.

So which one is correct?

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By following the rule of choosing the most concise answer, we can rule out B and C to arrive at the correct answer, A. Note that the correct concise answer isn't always going to be the shortest even though it was in this case ; it's the shortest answer that preserves the meaning of the original sentence. In this case, "famous and well-known" and "famous and commonly-known" are both wordier and redundant ways of saying "famous," so there's no reason to change the sentence.

Essay prompts on the new SAT ask you to analyze an argument presented in a passage. The graders want to see that you fully grasp the author's point and can write a clear explanation of how he or she builds the argument. You have fifty minutes for the essay, and you should spend a good minutes making sure you understand exactly what the author is saying and how you'll outline your essay based on your analysis. Don't just describe how the author builds the argument in your own words; prove your points with specific examples. When you're first reading through the passage, underline sentences or phrases that provide evidence of the author's persuasive techniques.

Direct quotes should be used in your essay to reinforce the most important points. Using the evidence at your disposal, you will prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the author committed the crime of having an opinion. On the morning of the test, you'll inevitably be nervous. There's a lot of stuff you need to bring to the SAT , and you don't want to forget something at the last minute while you're distracted by your nerves.

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Just put everything in your bag the day before. Don't procrastinate! This is a key tip if you struggle with time pressure on the SAT.

SSAT Exam Strategies - Free SSAT Math Strategies

If you're having trouble with a question, skip it and move on before you waste too much time. If you still can't figure out the answer, take a guess! The new SAT has no guessing penalty, so it's always better to guess than to leave a question blank. A good way to save a few minutes of time is to fill in all your answers at the end of the section.

Make sure you only use this strategy if you already know you're capable of finishing the section with at least minutes to spare! It would be terrible to answer all the questions in your booklet and not have time to fill in your choices on the answer sheet. While it's tempting to take a rest if you have extra time at the end of an SAT section, you should always double-check your answers first. If you have lots of extra time, you might even go through and check every single one of your answers.

Always double Czech. Above all, keep a cool head on the test. Just keep going. Though there is a lot of pressure to finish each section on time, there's nothing wrong with doing the questions out of order. Look at each section with fresh eyes, and try not to dwell on what you might have gotten wrong earlier in the test. In this article, I've given you 23 of our best tips for success on the SAT. Here's a quick list for review:. With these tips, you should be able to improve your performance on the SAT significantly.

You should also pay attention to more in-depth strategies in your studying so that you can improve your content knowledge and feel more confident on the test! For more strategies, take a look at our guides to getting a perfect SAT score on Reading , Math , Writing and overall. If you're trying to plan out your studying, read our complete plan for SAT studying and our guide to how long you should be studying for the SAT based on your goals. What kinds of study materials do you need to study for the SAT?

We break down what the best prep books are and which books to avoid in this expert guide.

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Check out our best-in-class online SAT prep classes. We guarantee your money back if you don't improve your SAT score by points or more. Our classes are entirely online, and they're taught by SAT experts.

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