THE CALL OF GOD - To Fulfill Our Destiny

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God never gives an instruction without a promise! After God told Abraham to get out of his country and away from his family, He said:. And I will bless them that bless you and I will curse them that curse you.

Fulfilling Your Destiny! | World Challenge

All I knew was that I had a word from the Lord to come to Cleveland where I still am today and study music and ministry at the Christian college here. I knew I had heard from God. We must remember that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. So when you hear it, faith has to grab hold of what God says. When God speaks, the enemy will try to talk you out of what God says. Something in you has to leap, and you have to believe! There comes a time and a moment when you have to move out of the safe zone into the faith zone.

The will of God will always stretch you further than where you are comfortable. God will always stretch you beyond what you are capable of to allow the Holy Spirit to show off the God in you! Jesus put it like this:.

How To Take Steps Towards Fulfilling Your Divine Destiny

I remember being the one to clean up after others after trips. I remember being the one that would go get the food and serve others.

He denounced the glory of Heaven and came to earth. He lowered Himself to serve even more than we can imagine. Anybody can talk the talk, but what matters is whether or not you are walking the walk. Once they got to that certain place, they were given release to open the orders. We must remember that, sometimes:. If you wait for God to give every answer to every question before you move into your destiny or purpose:. You have to have the courage to actually DO what God has told you to do.

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You have to do it! God has not given you a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind. You can do it! Faith is not a feeling; it is a place of trust in God! You have to develop the ability to focus on the promise, not on the mess that WILL come your way. Take the necessary steps to pursue the call of God on your life. When you do, you will get to watch God open doors that no man can close and close doors that no man can open Isaiah Is the Lord speaking to you today through this word?

If so, please leave a comment below and tell me how I can agree with you in prayer as you step out into your destiny! I am praying for a a financial breakthrough a second income i am just not making enough i am praying to live in a better neighbor hood and i am been praying for a Husband i feel so forgotten and never chosen in anything i do but i know Papa love me and i do have faith but i am human i am 51 and know papa has more for me but i am been praying for years but i all it.

Hi Pastor Judy I need you to help me to become the person that God need me to be. A soldier in God army. Jamie, this word is heating directly on me. The 5 things are a must in someone who hear and do the God words. I survived open- hear surgery in Nov. I have felt like Ive been in a cacoon for the past year. Ive been seeking intimacy with the Father during this time.

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I desire to do great things for the Lord, and I know the word says your gifts will make room for you. There are not a lot of opportunities where I am attending.

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I need clear direction from the Lord what my purpose is there. Thank you Pastor Judy for being the push and the wind to keep me moving forward to all that God has called me to. With hand picked people in my life to love me and help me stay focused!! Thank You for this Powerful Word. My names Darla , I feel like God is moving me into a new atmosphere. I was told after my deliverance that I have a calling to work with my First Nations people.

About 5 years ago God opened doors for me to get into an aboriginal treatment center to work then opened doors for me to get schooling to become an Certified Aboriginal addictions Counsellor.

The other day in big block letters after months of thinking about it I got a message God is calling you to continue your education. I believe I was in his will 5 years ago but I got sidetracked. Please pray the Lord continues to open doors and move me into where he wants me. God is not a confusing God, so why is this confusing?? Yes this word is definitely for me right Now! God has been calling me in to ministry for some time now and I need prayer to take the bold steps of faith to walk in my calling pastoral and other gifts.

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How to Find and Fulfill Your Destiny

For example, you work as an accountant and you lead a Bible study at work that reaches accountants. You may be a volunteer with an organization during your free time.

For example, you tutor kids through a community service program. Or you may even do it as your actual job or business. For example, you are a nurse, or you work for a church or mission agency. You were meant to do more than earn a paycheck.

You were meant to impact the people in your life for God. As you discover and fulfill your destiny, you will experience maximum fruitfulness, fulfillment and faithfulness. For a more complete treatment on destiny, get the Destiny Finder book by Michael Brodeur. You were created with a destiny.