Third Grade Math Reviews (SPANISH: Guia y Repaso de Matematicas) (Spanish Edition)

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There are activities. Only the first are shown. Click here to see all of them. Refine your search:. Schultz Mrs. Spanish artists Spanish Cognates Spanish I Spanish-speaking countries and their capitals speaking test special nouns sports Sra. Preliminar y Cap. I Can Talk More Look! I Can Talk! I'm Still Talking! Blaine Ray. Add an activity to your account and assign it to your class by clicking the icon. How can I add my activity to this list? Practicing the uses of ser and estar. Choose the correct form to complete the sentence.

Remember: ser to describe or define the subject and estar to express the subject's well-being or to tell the location of the subject This quiz contains 11 questions. Practice conjugating the verb tener in the present tense. This quiz contains 15 questions. Practice the forms of Ser: This quiz contains 10 questions. AR Verb Conjugation Millionaire. Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the irregular preterite verbs. There are more than 20 questions so you can take the quiz more than once and have a different quiz each time because only 12 show up for each quiz. This quiz contains 12 questions chosen from a bank of This quiz contains 40 questions.

Practice using direct object pronouns in these sentences This quiz contains 40 questions. Try it out and let's see! Fill in the blanks in these sentences:. Practice conjugating -ar verbs for the quiz! This quiz contains 10 questions. Weather Game. Quiz 8 - Regular Preterite Tense Verbs. All of the verbs in this quiz are regular in every spot of the chart for the preterite tense. Preterite review -ar,-er, -ir regular verbs and -car, -gar,- zar verbs, hacer, conocer, ir, ser.

Practice correct agreement of regular verbs and their subjects.

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Fill in the blank with the correct form of the imperfect tense. You must use accents when needed. Capitalize the first word in a sentence! This quiz contains 20 questions. Complete the sentence with the correct double object pronouns. You will have to write several sentences for me to grade for credit using the same two verbs.

This quiz contains 19 questions. How well do you understand how to use verbs like gustar? Let's find out! How well do you know your numbers ? A ver!!! Practice gustar - to be pleasing. The beer's very cold. He has a great deal of property. He's rich rather than poor. All right or Correct. Pay close attention to what I tell you.

Have you bought the tickets? Give me the money in fives and tens.

You have to put a screen in front of the door. I wish I'd bought a white dress! There are white people, Indians, and Negroes in this city.

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They hit the target. Leave this sheet blank. They hit the mark three times. The soldiers had target practice in the morning.

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He didn't open his mouth all afternoon. The subway entrance is on the corner. The child's sleeping on his stomach.

He was lying on his back on the beach. What an embarrassing situation that was! What sultry weather we're having! What a shameful action! Blow the horn so that car'll let us pass. I'm out of breath. Give me that iron ball. We bought some tennis balls. There was a crowd of people at the entrance of the theater. She carried a silk purse. I need a paper bag to put it in. I don't know what the quotations are on the exchange today. They used a pump to take out the water. The bomb destroyed three houses.

It struck like a bombshell!